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About Us


In a time when we’re all threatened by a rhetoric of hate from the people in power, A Gay and

A NonGay challenges our differences head on and resolves that no matter who you are, or

what you’re into (Bruce Springsteen or Britney), love is love and Gays and NonGays can be


Released every Wednesday at 6AM (GMT) James and Dan dive into conversations 

around day to day life, differences in perceptions, homophobia, coming out,

mental health and lighter topics like dating and Dan learning all about douching. 

It's always been our mission to talk openly, promote equality, freedom and

friendship whilst making our listeners laugh. 

We aim to send out a message of hope and inclusion to everyone, wherever you are.


With press from MTV, The Guardian, Radio Times & TimeOut, plus Apple Podcasts & Spotify features in both the UK & USA, we regularly hit number one on iTunes sexuality chart.


Our weekly podcast has also landed on Virgin Atlantic’s in flight entertainment system Vera and after sell out live show's and five star reviews at Brighton & Edinburgh fringe festivals we're getting ready for our first ever UK tour!​

A Gay and A NonGay is the UK’s #1 award winning LGBTQ+ podcast.  Hosted by comedians

James Barr and Dan Hudson (James is Gay, Dan is NonGay) our podcast reluctantly began when James friend Talia moved abroad, leaving he and her boyfriend to fend for

themselves. This is the hilarious tale of two unlikely heroes forming new

friendship, challenging our preconceptions of each other and crossing


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