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Tomfoolery premieres 'Never Have I Ever'

Poet and viral sensation Tomfoolery just premiered his new anthemic LGBTQ+ ally poem on our podcast and you love it so much, you've asked us to share it. You can listen here, watch our chat with Tomfoolery here, and read his poem below. Enjoy :).

Never Have I Ever

Have you played never have I ever?

It’s a special sort of game.

It’s oft pulled out at parties

And the claims are all the same.

You find out who’s in the mile high club

Or who’s done something gross

Well I want to play that game with you now

But I’ve got slightly different boasts.

Never have I been made to feel ashamed for who I love.

Never have I had to hide my sexuality like a secret to be ashamed of.

Never have I defended my gender identity or been told I should tone down.

Never have I had to defend my right to be labelled with my preferred pronoun.

Never have I felt like I don’t belong in my own skin.

And had folks who haven’t met me making sure that I can’t win

Never have I had to live with a constant threat of violence

Because I wanted to celebrate my difference and for that you must be tireless.

Never have I ever been subjected to stop and search

And if I’m out and I see the police I never think that I’ll get hurt.

Never have I ever been worried when walking home alone at night,

Or had my keys between my fingers like I’m ready for a fight.

Never have I had to change my voice to get a job,

Or seen people who look like me peacefully protesting but on the news they’re called a mob

Never have I been bullied for a trait I didn’t choose

Or felt the pain of perceived weakness and found ways to hide the bruise.

Never have I had to defend my right to speak my mind

I haven’t had to always appear so perfect without being able to unwind.

Never have I had to worry about from where my next meal came

Never have I been forced to smile when anxious thoughts dominate my brain.

Never have I been told my lifelines cut due to recession

Never have I had to bear the burden of depression.

Never have I been forced to see myself in films that make it seem

Like the characteristics that define me make me a menace to the screen.

Never have I extended a hand of friendship and been met by a fierce fists

Never have I had laws passed that pretend I don’t exist,

All these things I’ve said I’m grateful for, but it’s a bitter pill to swallow

When you know how few can make these claims then the claims start feeling hollow

Never have I ever been so saddened that it’s the case

That these claims are the preserves of straight white men and not all the human race.

There’s no question I’ve benefitted from that privilege. But I do not think it’s right.

And I know I haven’t fought these battles, but they’re ones that nobody should have to fight.

And so if perchance I have offended,

Think but this and all is mended.

This page celebrates difference, and so if you’re in doubt.

Thanks for stopping by, but close the door on your way out.

Probably Tomfoolery Limited

© Probably Tomfoolery Ltd 2020 - All Rights Reserved

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